T: N: M: Stage:
   Based on the UICC/IASLC  7th TNM classification staging system

Tumour Presentation

T* - Tumour visibile and proven

TX - Tumour NOT visible but proven or cannot be assessed

T0 - No Evidence of Primary Tumour

Tis - Carcinoma in situ

Tumour Size in Greatest Dimension

T1a - ≤ 2cm                            T1b - > 2 cm and ≤ 3 cm

T2a - > 3 cm and ≤ 5 cm        T2b - >5 cm and ≤ 7 cm

T3 - > 7 Cm

Local Tumour Invasion

T1a/T1b - No bronchoscopic evidence of invasion. Tumour surronded by lung or visceral pleura and <= 3cm.

T2a/T2b - Any of the followings: Involves main bronchus, invades Visceral Pleura , >= 2cm distal to carnia, Visceral Pleura,
                         associated with atelectasis or obstructive, pneumonitis extending to hilar region but not involving the entire lung.

T3 - Any of the followings: Chest Wall (including superior sulcus tumours), diaphragm, phernic nerver, mediastinal pleura,
               parietal pericardium, or tumour in main bronchus < 2cm distal to carina not involving carina; or associated atelectasis
               or obstructive pneumonitis of the entire lung or separate tumour nodule(s) in the same lobe.

T4 - Any of the followings: mediastinum, heart, great vessels, trachea, recurnt laryngeal nerve, oesophagus,vertebral body,
               carnia, separate tumour nodules(s) in a diffrent ipsilateral lobe.

Lymph Nodes

NX - Regional lymph nodes cannot be assessed

N0 - No regional lymph nodes metastasis

N1 - Metastasis in ipsilateral peribroncial and/or
               ipsilateral lymph and intrapulmonary nodes,
               including involvement by direct extension.

N2 - Metastastasis in ipsilateral mediastinal and/or
               subcarinal lymph node(s).

N3 - Metastastasis in contralateral mediastinal,
               contralateral hilar, ipsilateral or contralateral
or supraclavisular lymph node(s).

Distant Metastasis

MX  -   Distant metastasis cannot be assessed

M0  -   No Distant metastasis

M1a - Separate tumour nodule(s) in a contralateral lobe;
                  tumour with pleural nodules or malignant pleural
                  or precardial effusion.

M1b - Distant metastasis

T: N: M: Stage:
   Based on the UICC/IASLC  7th TNM classification staging system
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